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OUR Approach
At Siegel and Associates, we unravel the complex issues surrounding conservatorships and estate planning. Through expert knowledge of the field, access to quality resources, and a staff that is dedicated to delivering personal service, we untangle the questions and concerns involved in the physical, emotional, and fiscal well-being of our clients. Our services offer sound legal and ethical solutions and our track record of more than twenty years supports our highest commitment to quality of life and integrity of care.

OUR Plans Of Actions
Working from a perspective of business insight and heartfelt compassion, we direct and monitor a wide field of services ranging from personal care to property management, fiscal marshalling to court appearances. Our plans of action include the provision of long-term, court-appointed conservatorships and guardianships of individuals and estates; acting as fiduciary, executor, or administration on a client's behalf; assistance in the establishment of trust funds, estate planning, and the administration of decedent estates. Our staff can also assist with real estate management, business management, tax preparation and the development of overall actions that support and protect our clients. Working with convalescent and board and care facilities, we can also assist with direct patient services and arrangements for clients in need of transitional services.

OUR Administration
Our services are provided by a professional and paraprofessional staff, including accountants and social workers. The office is staffed, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm and is wheelchair accessible without special facilities. To handle emergencies, a twenty-four hour answering service is available to connect clients with appropriate personnel.

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About Us

“Our respect for the individual safeguards the dignity and property of those we serve.”

About Us