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STRATEGIES and PROTECTIVE SERVICES for Conservatorships and Estate Management
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OUR Services
Siegel and Associates communicates directly with courts, family members, attorneys, and medical and social support services. Working together, we develop a care scenario that creates a secure environment and sustains the maximum legal and fiduciary protections to guarantee the quality and dignity of life. We can also assist convalescent and board and care facilities that do not provide social services programs with direct patient services and arrangements for clients who need transitional support.

OUR Services Include:
  • Long term conservatorships and guardianships
  • Private fiduciary relationships
  • Personal care issues
  • Money management
  • Liaison with government and social service agencies
  • Legal protections
  • Financial assistance
  • Fluent in Tagalog and Spanish
  • Application procedures
  • Conservatorships - individual and estate
  • Guardianships - individual and estate
  • Executorships - probate estates, special administrator
  • Estate Planning
  • Final Arrangements
  • Intake information
  • Marshalling of assets
  • Inventory
  • Current or Final Accountings
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“Our services deliver strategies for independence and self-direction.”